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Form I9 Update

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) might release its updated version of Form I9, this fall. The updated form will most likely be eighty percent larger than before and will increase from five-page to nine-page document. It will also include many changes when compared to the previous version. Though some of the changes proposed aim to enhance employee verification process, most of the alterations can actually make the process difficult. However, some of the changes proposed for the new form are controversial. If people fail to meet compliance with the form, it can lead to fines and audits. It is important that the employers comprehend the changes proposed. They should also be prepared to provide the required information and update the training materials on a regular basis. It is also important to observe if the employers are in compliance with the regulations.

Positive Changes to the Form

Most of the updates proposed will offer clarification on previously confusing areas. These modifications...
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FMLA (The Family and Medical Leave Act) is an often litigated and complex piece of legislation that organizations should follow for childcare, medical, and family leave. FMLA sanctions employees to take unpaid and job-protected leaves for specific medical and family reasons. This includes health insurance as well. Under this leave, employees will be entitled to 12 workweeks leave. Employees can take leave when they give birth to a child and have to take care of their newborn child that is less than a year old. Leave can be taken if the employee plans to adopt or offer foster care for newly positioned child within a year after it is adopted. FMLA leave can be taken by the employee to take care of his or her spouse, parent, or child with a severe health condition. Leave can be taken even during serious health conditions that do not allow employees to perform the important functions for their job. FMLA even provides employees...
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Employee Discharge and Documentation

Although termination of employees is among the least pleasant tasks faced by human resources professionals, it is sometimes necessary for the financial health of the business. Excessive absenteeism, drug or alcohol use while on the job or engaging in practices that put the other employees at risk are all legitimate reasons for terminating an employee. Avoiding complicated legal repercussions after an employee is discharged will be easier if the human resources department has been meticulous about employee documentation. Termination should be the last resort after attempts have been made to allow the employee change the behavior that is creating the problem. Wrongful termination suits can be brought against businesses by discharged employees, and businesses that can prove in court that they had given the employee the chance to correct the problem are more likely to obtain rulings in their favor. Employee documentation of events leading up to the termination is essential for winning such cases. Effective human resources personnel...
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