HRIQ interviews Tim Ringo, co-author of Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization, based on his experience creating human capital systems at IBM.

Can you explain this new approach to workforce analytics? Why and how does this differ from what already exists?

The new approach to workforce analytics is the “ the intersection of science and business” where it is understood that the value of the contribution of your people can be accurately predicted and quantified to help organizations create better business outcomes. Organizations that can routinely define the return on investment of workforce interventions, as is done for building new manufacturing plants, or opening new offices in far-flung markets, are the ones that thrive in tough market conditions. The key is to create an organization that runs on more than intuition and guess work. The new approach to workforce analytics answers four key questions:
  • Based on the organization’s strategy, what is the work that needs to...
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