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Facilitating the return to employment for uniformed service members

As the nation welcomes members of the uniformed services back into the work force, we recognize that their return will be beneficial not only for them individually but also for their families, employers and overall communities. Attention currently is being directed at the numerous programs that are in place and being created which focus on their employment. There also is increased awareness of federal and, in some cases, state legislation that addresses the rights and obligations of service members and employers. It is timely for employers to gain an understanding of available programs in which they can participate and of applicable laws that impact their organizations. Hiring Our Heroes is an example of an initiative receiving national attention. This program was launched by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with partners from the public, private and nonprofit sectors. It is helping veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment in hundreds of local communities. General Electric, a contributor to this endeavor, recently...
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Form I9 Update

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) might release its updated version of Form I9, this fall. The updated form will most likely be eighty percent larger than before and will increase from five-page to nine-page document. It will also include many changes when compared to the previous version. Though some of the changes proposed aim to enhance employee verification process, most of the alterations can actually make the process difficult. However, some of the changes proposed for the new form are controversial. If people fail to meet compliance with the form, it can lead to fines and audits. It is important that the employers comprehend the changes proposed. They should also be prepared to provide the required information and update the training materials on a regular basis. It is also important to observe if the employers are in compliance with the regulations.

Positive Changes to the Form

Most of the updates proposed will offer clarification on previously confusing areas. These modifications...
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