Best Kept HR Secrets

400 Most Powerful Tips For Thriving at Work, Making Yourself Indispensable & Attaining Outrageous Success in Human Resources

BEST KEPT HR SECRETS lays out the most powerful advice you’ll ever get for attaining outrageous success in Human Resources. This isn’t the same old tired, weak, warmed-over corporate-speak that passes for HR job advice in most organizations.  This is the real deal…over 400 brutal truths, tips, best practices, inspirations, confessions, and expert insights that practically no one else will sit down and tell you about. Nothing is held back. Nothing is considered taboo. And, nothing is off-limits in this book. If you want to discover the REAL secrets for winning big in your current HR role or skyrocketing your climb up the HR ladder, just spend a few minutes flipping through these pages.

In this book, you’ll discover valuable insights such as:

* Twelve dirty little secrets for landing your next job in HR.
* 4C’s for building tremendous credibility in any HR role.
* 14 ways to turn even your toughest clients into your biggest fans.
* What you should focus on that matters even more delivering great HR results.
* 12 amazingly simple ways to double your personal productivity in HR.
* 10 ways to wow your CEO.
* How to avoid becoming irrelevant in HR.
* The $25,000 formula for managing your time.
* How to receive huge amounts of recognition for your accomplishments in HR.
* Eight deadly signs that it’s time for you leave your job, and find a better HR opportunity.
* Twenty BIG goals that will easily put you among the top 5% of all HR professionals.
* What you should do if you’re a new HR leader on your very first day and in your first week.
* How to read your client’s mind.
* How to give an awesome 30 minute speech.
* How to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack in HR.
* 5 simple life lessons every HR professional should embrace.
* And much, much more on managing tough HR issues, excelling in your HR role and enhancing your career!

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